I will try to give some hints or descriptive information about some major units in the pack and show particular characteristics that make these units unique.


ARM Wasp

Fast, stealth, armed with FastSam missiles, it can get inside a enemy base and destroy a particular cannon or unit. Very useful in desperate situations to kill that Bertha cannon that is destroying your base (using a squadron of 10). Of course, none returns...

The difficult is locate the Bertha... for that, you can use a radar-spy plane or Ufo.

CORE Raven Exocet

Slow but very dangerous, with two FastSam missiles for defense and a Tomahawk Exocet rocket that can destroy almost everything in the 1700 range. There is only one automatic tower that can hit it at this range, the Arm Mercury/Core Screamer.

The Exocet missile is targetable, so it can be destroyed with the anti-missile defenses. However, these defenses are important too for the nuclear missiles and must not deplete ...

ARM Armagedon

ARM equivalent of the CORE Raven. It has a Anti Matter Exocet rocket equivalent to the Tomahawk Exocet.

ARM Mercury and CORE Screamer.

With its long 1700 range it can hit the Raven and the Armagedon. It has 1700 range radar too and is target upgradeable.

It needs 4 or 5 hits to destroy a Armagedon or a Raven. Its Advanced Sam missile is guided and very effective.

ARM Sky Sweeper and CORE Clear Sky.

This is the most powerful anti-air defense tower. It has a super fast flak cannon and a super fast and strong X-Missile. It supports too a lot of damage and heals itself.

ARM B-17 Bomber.

Although slow, it has strong armor. Launches bombs and has guns.

Very effective when used in squadrons together with fast fighters to attract enemy fire.

ARM Spad XII and CORE Fokker Triplane.

Rebuilt from the museum and loaded with deadly RATA missiles (Core) and fast and strong guns (Arm).

ARM Oracular Effect and CORE Shadow Mask (the Oracle), it is metal extractor (if built on a metal hole), produces energy, has long range radar, it is radar jammer and has a very powerful ZAP Tesla to kill everything around. In addition, has very strong armor. Very useful ... :-)

CORE Shilone Nuclear Bomber.

In addition, it has Fast Sam missiles and Imperial Lasers. The only plant that can build it is the Seaplane Platform.

ARM Excaliber.

Most powerful ship, it can win the game. That's all I have to say.

ARM Checker, the anti-Bertha spy.

Stealth and cloakable, with very strong armor, it is very useful to spy enemy bases. Can be built only in UFO Lab.


There are radar-spy planes similar in the Advanced Air Plant for both Core and Arm. This alien spacecraft is better because it can keep immobile over the base, without landing when stops moving.

ARM Crippler

Light Bertha cannon, very long range but small damage. The Xerox Commander is one that is able to construct it.

ARM Xerox Commander (and Core equivalent).

It constructs some useful things, quickly. It resurrects dead units, can capture and is amphibious...

ARM Solar Nuke.

Do it. It can save your life as a TA commander. Do it! Look for it only in not usual constructors..

ARM and CORE Mini Fusions.

Put them on a metal hole. They are metal extractors too. In the initial phase of the game it is a must.

CORE Kamikaze Insector.

It really explodes with Ctrl-D. It uses a new model of earthquake weapon with large area effect. Cloakable, slow, very strong armor, amphibious and with missiles. Be careful with this little ant. In human network game it is very funny to see a bunch of 20 insectors getting inside the enemy base. 

ARM Relocator.

Very interesting unit that relocates several other units to a good range. Cloakable and with strong armor, it can be used to surprise the enemy or to help keep your base in order quickly.

ARM Mamooth and CORE equivalent.

This veteran of TA wars is one of the best ground units of all times. Its strong armor and several weapons used in a very well manner, do it a favorite. Of course, I adjusted its weapons a bit, to update it to modern ages.

ARM Mech Lab and CORE equivalent.

It builds monsters.

There are several new plants in the pack, each one with some surprises.

CORE Ettin Amphibious Mech.

The image is enough.

ARM Electric Fences.

It has an electric tesla and a missile mini-tower to do a great job pulverizing small and medium ground units.

CORE Imperial Gunner.

With double advanced missiles for ground and air combat, this is one of the best air planes of this pack.

ARM Chaos Machine

With one Advanced Sam missile turret (same as Mercury and Screamer) for long range, one Medusa Anti-Matter bolt and one long range fast laser, in addition its medium armor, this is one of the best defenses ARM has.

CORE Leco Watcher

Its short radar and jam, together with long range fast laser and auto-repair, make this unit very useful in the initial stages of the game and to keep away ground attacks.

ARM Scarab for mobile missile defense and CORE equivalent.

They are more expensive and need more time to build than the standard fixed turrets for missile defense, but after built they have a faster reload time and are needed to balance the faster rates of nuclear missiles that the computer launches against your base based on standard nuclear silos and the sneaky special Core AI Aegis.

Core Aegis.

Only the Capital Shipyard can construct it.

This cruiser ship launches Cruise Long Range rockets with fast reload time that are equivalent to the Arm Solar Nuke with very small area effect and huge damage.  In addition, has Advanced Sam missiles for defense and can cloak. It is VERY effective. The difference is that the Solar Nuke has range 32000 and the Aegis Cruise has range 6000.

The AI Boost  has a special version too with faster reload time . So, take care with it!

CORE Excalibur.

Most powerful attacking air-plane. It is built only in some unusual monster plants. So, if you are lucky, the computer will not build it.

ARM Air Nuke.

The only air defense able to destroy the big ones (Raven and Excalibur) with just one shot. Has very long range, but is manual. You have to target the enemy in radar window or click directly on the unit for firing.

Very important defense against the Core Excalibur.

CORE Star Wars series.

All fixed and improved. They mix lasers and missiles for effectiveness.

ARM Ufo Lab.

Plant for building flying saucers.

ARM & CORE Paralyzers SAM defense.

Very effective to stop the enemy. Medium range, automatic, it really works.


Submarine Units:


Core USS Uppercut, nuclear submarine.

It launches a Long Range (6000) missile with large area effect and medium damage, and has torpedoes for defense.

It has a weird behavior: to launch its missile, it needs get near (and touch) a littoral (as if it needs emerge for firing).

Look for it in the Capital Shipyard.


More Hints:

Use the auxiliary constructors to build units faster: Xerox Commander, CoBoi, Repair Arm, Decoy Commander, etc.