Download Total Annihilation Units and Maps


This pack uses selected and improved free units, new created units and additions, and a new AI built to achieve specific goals:


1. To avoid repeated units that do the same thing using just another laser or missile. Each unit must have a purpose and should have some unique characteristic. Thus, the player must think :-) and the game becomes a lot more interesting..

Example 1: there is a unit called Raven with a Exocet missile very strong and dangerous, with range 1700. Therefore, there is a Mercury anti-air turret with range 1700 to defend yourself and that can be upgraded to use its own 1800 radar  ...

Example 2: the little ant with earthquake self destruction that is amphibious, invisible and that supports a lot of damage. It can surprise the enemy, get inside its base and  ...


2. Air force superiority is fundamental. So, the pack focus the air forces fight. Good air planes balanced with good ground anti-air defenses at several levels.


3. To avoid useless units, those units that you never build because you know they are weak or there are better and more cheap. There must be a balance among cost and strength. Therefore, damage, characteristics and weapons of original units were all changed. Several times, the scripts were redone.


4. If there is water, it must be used! Therefore, after air balance, the big ships can win the game.


5. Monsters are good and there are plants just for them. But a crowd of little ones can do more damage if tactics are used.


6. The computer AI must be aggressive. It is not able to defend itself against nuclear missiles. So, it launches a lot of nuclear missiles against you to compensate its weakness. Of course, it constructs a lot of defenses too, so it is very difficult to win. Only combined strikes of different forces can defeat the computer enemies.


7. There must be a way to get enough energy and metal. It is not fair if the computer can get a lot of metal and you don't. Therefore, there are several levels of metal extractors and fusion plants that can use energy to produce metal. The idea is "yes, give the computer a lot of power, but give it to me too, so the battle really shakes!".





1 Give yourself a lot of  metal/energy and only 1000 to computer enemies at starting. It is advisable...
2 Play using blind game (unmapped I guess in TA options). It is harder I know, but it is better! And then, when you are going to be destructed, you can use the "+NOWISEE" cheat to open the map and save your life just on time ...
3 Some energy plants are metal extractors too (MiniFusion and Oracle). Therefore, put it on a metal pit to be able to start playing the game. The Oracle, for example, gives you energy, metal (by extraction), radar, jammer and a Zap-Tesla weapon very good against ground units.
4 Take care against the Raven Exocet (Core) and the Armagedon Copter (Arm) that have very dangerous cruise missiles. Also never forget the big ships. And use the anti-air ClearSky (Arm, or Core equivalent) to defend yourself against air strikes.
5 To see the enemy base (spy), use the radar plane or radar flying saucer. They are cheap, stealth and are able to get a lot of hits. Together with big ships like the Excalib not far, some nukes and several raids of B-17 bombers protected with dozen fighters you can destroy a enemy base (just an idea...) and defeat the computer.
6 Build and use the air force. And have always 12 Wasps fast fighters with FastSam missiles together with 5 radar spy planes reserved ready to engage a suddenly Bertha cannon or big ship destroying you.
7 The Merlin AI is based on the three basic types: Default, AirBattle and SeaBattle. All others are only minor variations of one of these.


It is advisable to get a description of major units and know what you can do. See hints.




Just click here (440MB) to download the full pack ready to run (right click and select save).
Download, unzip and copy the files to any diretory you create and run totalanocd.exe if you do not have the original CDs or totala.exe if you do (it doesn't matter).

To download the source files, go home (134MB).

To download the utility pack: here (159MB).


  • The file Totala.ini must be in primary directory. Inside, it has a statement to limit the maximum number of units. Depending on your computer power, you can edit this number to fit your equipment. The default was 200 in 1997... thus, today 1000 is not bad to crush your mouse.




    The SAVE-LOAD function may not work sometimes. One should avoid the "I lose, go back and redo" loop to cheat the computer.





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